The Dickinson Group has been in the Kanawha Valley for over 200 years. From salt to coal to banking to giving back to our communities we have helped form several industries in central West Virginia. Our newest focus is large scale renewable energy projects to help Appalachia continue to fuel the country’s economy.

The Right Choice for Our Environment

At this critical time when our climate is experiencing significant challenges, we want to provide green options for power in the region.

Our Partner

We have partnered with Edelen Renewables to develop projects in the region.

Their commitment to social impact solar provides the triple-bottom-line returns of meeting the climate challenge, driving economic transition by sourcing all labor and subcontracting needs locally, and providing savings to the off-takers. Their experienced team currently has 19 projects under development across the region.

Why Renewable Energy

West Virginia has powered the nation’s economic growth for decades. We can do it again with climate sensitivity in mind. Appalachia sits in the center of the east coast power grid providing energy to major urban areas.

Our commitment to green energy will help fuel the demand.

Does Central Appalachia Work for Solar Energy?

Yes! With the advancement of technology, West Virginia can generate plenty of power from the sun, even on cloudy days.

Our Approach

From bringing coal companies together with green energy advocates to developing reclaimed mine sites and creating employment for displaced coal miners, we create win/wins for every stakeholder.

We are looking for suitable properties in the region to develop these important projects. There are very favorable lease terms for landowners with properties that qualify. Let us help you navigate this new industry. If you are a mining company looking for post mine land use in renewable energy we’d love the opportunity to speak with you as well.

If your property is not suitable for solar we can explore other options, such as wind and reforestation.

Suitable solar properties will be a minimum of 300 acres, have little to no tree growth, and have south facing slopes, or extensive flat areas.

Reach out to us today and we'll help evaluate your property

Join us to help keep Central Appalachia as a source for energy for the country, while providing new careers for our labor force.

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